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Changes in today’s world are convincing organizations to look at solar energy to help preserve the environment, reduce global warming and decrease expenses. Going Green also gives organizations a competitive advantage over other businesses.

How Does It Work

Installing solar energy technology at your site allows you to take advantage of Net Metering and lower your electricity costs. Net Metering is when your renewable energy system supplies electricity back to “the grid”, and your utility company subtracts the value of the electricity you supplied from your bill. You pay the “net” difference. The more electricity you produce, the greater your savings.

Solar electricity is generated when the energy released by the sun is captured and converted to usable electricity.  The energy is captured using Photovoltaic (PV) modules, commonly referred to as solar panels. Sunlight is composed of photons, or particles of energy.  These photons contain various amounts of energy corresponding to the different wavelengths of the solar spectrum.  When the photons strike a PV module, they may be reflected, pass through or be absorbed.  The absorbed photons provide the energy to generate electricity.  When the panels absorb enough sunlight, electrons are excited and dislodge from the material's atoms, creating the flow of electricity (see figure below).

Net Metering & Connecting

Net Metering is a method used by local distribution companies to credit customers for electricity the customer generates from their own power generator system. A Grid-Tie system will automatically distribute the energy to anywhere it is needed in your home or business.  During times when you are generating more electricity than you are using, the system will redirect all the excess electricity back into the hydro grid for the electrical distribution company to direct to other areas on the grid.

The diagram below explains how your solar system ties back to the electricity grid. The process is the same for small residential systems as it is for larger commercial systems – the only difference is the amount of electricity generated.

Power Generation System

Solar Power Generation Systems begin with the solar module. Solar or Photovoltaic (PV) modules capture solar energy and generate direct current (DC) electricity. Inverters (power conditioners) convert DC into AC (alternating current) to run your appliances and any electrical equipment.

Residential Use Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Power Generation System


Photovoltaic (Solar Cell) Modules

A photovoltaic module transforms solar energy into electricity.



Inverter (Power Conditioner)
The inverter converts DC electricity generated by the photovoltaic module into AC electricity and automatically controls the entire system.


Indoor Distribution Panel
The panel delivers appropriate electric loads to electrical devices and appliances.


Watt-Hour Meters
The kilo-watt hours your system sends to the grid is subtracted from the total you have used and you are billed only for the net difference.


Equipment & Installation

Solar panels and photovoltaic systems have made significant improvements in the last decade and now provide a highly efficient and effective way to generate renewable energy.

At Intervolt Electric, we are experts in the planning, installation, maintenance and grid-connection of electrical and photovoltaic systems. We have sourced the industry’s most cost-effective and efficient photovoltaic products, that generate the solar energy your project demands. Our professional team of authorized electricians and installers will design a solar energy system specifically for your needs. We will then install your system, test it for compliance, and connect it to the local energy grid.

Equally important, we are experts on the government programs for grants and incentives. We not only identify the programs you qualify for, but we will also assist in the application process – to get you your grant and incentive quickly.

Contact us today. We will provide you with a professional consultation that explains all the details of choosing and installing a solar energy system, and the incentive programs you can take advantage of.

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